Updating Your Zoo's Master Plan

When we approach master plan updates, we focus on four main areas concurrently: vision and goals, budget, collection planning and physical infrastructure. Coyle & Caron’s first master plan design was in 1987, and though the zoological world has changed, we still work within that framework.

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Sally Coyle
Coyle & Caron Collaborates with Green Up Orlando for Ivey Lane Revitalization during Pro Bowl Week

During Pro Bowl week volunteers came together under Green Up Orlando to install Coyle & Caron’s planting design. Through donations from the NFL and Verizon, the NFL’s sustainability partner for Pro Bowl, volunteers planted pollinator plants, wetland buffer plants and trees. They also installed a community garden and an interactive play area. Volunteers were from several groups: Verizon’s Green Team, soldiers from the 143rd Sustainment Command, and community volunteers and students from Evans High School and Ivey Lane Elementary School

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My mower went into the lake; what HOAs need to know about shorelines

Many residents that live on the water, whether lakefront, or retention pond-front, do not wish to share their property with alligators and other Florida wildlife. So, they clear the marsh, replace it with sod and mow their grass right to the edge of the water. (The title of my article is inspired by a true story; I received a call one day from a gentleman who informed me that he would not be attending our meeting because he was mowing… and then he was swimming.)

The problem with removing natural shoreline plants, without replacing them, is two-fold.

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Constructing Gardens for Pollinators and Other Wildlife in Central Florida

Constructing a pollinator garden and wildlife habitat isn’t very difficult! My pollinator garden at home is small, but it supports butterflies, hummingbirds, and cardinals. I used Common Fig (brown turkey), an African Orchid tree, and Florida Anise.

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