Stoneham, massachusetts

Founded in 1905, Stone Zoo is a 26-acre regional facility located next to Spot Pond Reservoir north of Boston. The Zoo includes low-lying areas densely developed with smaller exhibits for animals and forested, rocky hillsides devoted to larger habitats for SSP programs. Since opening a new entry in 2017, the Zoo has gained momentum in private fund raising. With a large donation, Coyle & Caron and their consultant team were hired to design an exhibit sequence to link the new entry with other areas of the zoo. ‘Rio Lagartos’ will be home to the zoo’s colony of Caribbean flamingos and several other species. A large walk-through aviary will be a year-round habitat for flighted birds along with seasonal species including: ibis, scarlet macaw, and Jamaican iguana. A nearby area includes a water play, flamingo nests, a beached fishing boat, and a place for kids to try ‘flamingo yoga.’ Along a new connector path to the ‘Treasures of Sierra Madre,’ visitors will pass through a grasslands area where they will have an opportunity to observe bush dogs playing and swimming in a rocky stream or to participate in a keeper training session with the dogs.

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