Stone zoo

Stoneham, Massachusetts

Stone Zoo is near Middlesex Fells, on Spot Pond. Since the opening of a new entry in 2017, Stone Zoo has gained momentum in private fund raising. With a large donation, Coyle & Caron was selected by Zoo New England to lead an architecture and engineering team to design an arrival exhibit sequence.

Coyle & Caron designed Caribbean Coast to function as a year-round, 6,400 square foot walk-through aviary for flighted birds, including American Flamingos, Scarlet Ibis, and Macaws, as well as a pair of Jamaican Iguanas. It is one of very few zoological habitats in the United States with a salt water system to match the brackish water of the flock’s natural habitat. Our team also designed a freshwater nesting section at the back of the exhibit, removed from guests, where the flamingos immediately began building nests and laying their eggs.

Our work was reviewed and coordinated with The American Zoological Association’s Species Survival Program (SSP) standards to ensure that they provided conditions to support the overall well-being and breeding success of each animal.

The Bush Dog exhibit is a separate area that Coyle & Caron designed as a grassland savannah exhibit, linking guests to the zoo’s existing Sierra Madre exhibits.

Coyle & Caron repurposed an existing structure for the bush dogs to seek shelter during inclement weather and to house future pup litters. Similarly, an off-exhibit pool for the flamingos was designed for cold temperatures and/or to house sick members of the flock. For conservation, water is designed to flow between the habitat and off-exhibit pool, eliminating water waste.

Site Plan Rendering 2017-06-15 small.jpg
flamingo flats.JPG
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