stormwater bmp

Cohasset, Massachusetts

Lily Pond is a large contributor to Cohasset’s surface water drinking supply. A comprehensive water quality study prepared by Norfolk Ram Group recommended retrofitting the storm water system in the surrounding watershed to reduce non-point source contamination.

The primary mechanism for improving runoff in the watershed was the strategic placement, design, and implementation of 58 rain gardens. Coyle & Caron was hired to design appropriate prototypes working with several community garden clubs and neighborhood groups to develop plans and plants palettes for various environmental and aesthetic parameters.

A demonstration garden at the Water Department functions to capture and clean runoff from the adjacent parking lot while “showcasing” the plant palette. Since its implementation in 2006, test results have shown regular improvement in water quality.

This project was funded by and EPA 319 Grant and received a Smart Growth Award from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs (EOEA).