landscape design

We enjoy working with municipalities, commercial and private clients that appreciate conservation-based creative approaches.

Botanical garden DESIGN

Botanical gardens are unique in that….
We specialize in…

master plans & updates

Our approach to working with clients in their master plans and updates is collaborative. We identify priorities and design as comprehensively as possible.


Designing for ecological restoration has its own challenges and we have extensive experience ranging from coastline restorations, super fund sites, and more local neighborhood initiatives.

nature play designs

Experiential play is an important part of learning. Coyle & Caron’s children’s gardens and zoological play areas are research-based and award winning.

Design-Build Services

We are able to offer design-build contracts as well as construction observation on all services.


Coyle & Caron have been members of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums for over twenty-five years. We design habitats that thoughtfully support each animal’s natural behaviors and needs. Our designs prioritize conservation and animal enrichment while highlighting each institution’s unique regional character.

design for capital projects




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